Thank you to Sarah Steiner at Scarr Photography for these incredible images.

LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene

Irene Mitchell Studio, November 2017 as part of Poppy Seed Festival

4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane

Gasworks Theatre, September 2017 as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival

Workshop of 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane @ Deakin University, April ’17

Hostage (aka ‘This is Where We Exist’) by Brooke Murray. Creative Development showing in September ’19 @ Irene Mitchell Studio.

Photography by Stephen Amos

sharenya 18 2 Sam 2 18 michelle 2 18

megan 1 18 Lore 1 18 Hostage

Ineffable: Collaboration with Nicholas Renfree Marks for Melbourne Digital Fringe 20

Ineffable actors Pearce and Jack