Illumi-Nation Theatre

The more we understand, the more understanding we can be


Illumi-Nation Theatre is dedicated to illuminating and humanizing issues of social justice, giving voice to those in the community to have been misunderstood, unjustly treated or marginalized and promoting greater understanding of the hidden complexities involved. 


/unspeakably moving/beyond expression/too extreme to be expressed…

In collaboration with film director, Nicholas Renfree-Marks

2020 has been, in many ways, beyond words, so minus the spoken word, through movement and image the film, INEFFABLE highlights the need for human connection in a physically disconnected world. This work is both timely and relevant, yet simple in it’s message that, as humans, the need for touch is absolutely vital.¬† The plight of people living alone during coronavirus lockdown has not been acknowledged by government so INEFFABLE seeks to illuminate these challenges in situations that many will find strangely familiar.It is a work with heart and soul that will resonate with those who have experienced isolation and loneliness in lockdown this year.